Autocomplete System

70% of web users click on an autocomplete result when they perform a search in Google, Bing or Yahoo. Our Autocomplete System places your law firm at the top of these suggested search engine results and drives prospects right to your website.

Here is what makes our proprietary autocomplete system so revolutionary:

  • Risk Free – Our system is offered on a monthly flat-fee basis. If you don’t show up in the autocomplete results during a month, you don’t pay us a dollar.
  • Better Visibility – You show up immediately, right as someone types in their search question. You beat the 20 listings, both paid and organic, which are located farther down the results page.
  • Low Cost – Our Autocomplete system costs a fraction of Pay Per Click advertising and gets you better results.
  • Compete with large firms – Big firms spend $100,000 – $250,000+ a month on Pay Per Click advertising. Our software gives you better visibility and takes a portion of their prospects.
  • Social proof – Because your firm is listed in the autocomplete suggestions, you are immediately seen as an authority in your area of the law.
  • Targeted marketing – You only show up in searches that are relevant to your practice area.
  • Exclusivity – We sell our services by a combination of geographic area and practice niche. Once a niche is taken it is exclusively owned by that client.

Due to client exclusivity, our Autocomplete System has limited availability.

Please email us at to inquire about your practice area and geographic location.