PPC budget of top 7 Phoenix PI attorney firms



Here in Phoenix, AZ we all know who the big Personal Injury (i.e. car accident) attorneys are…after all, we see their marketing everywhere…Billboards, TV ads, the internet..I mean everywhere. Heck, I took my family to Sedona last weekend and heard my 3 kids (12, 12 & 9) signing one of the big firm’s TV ad jingles from the back seat…”Lerner and Rowe,..it’s the way to go,..call 977-1 9 oh oh”.

Knowing that I just brought my Autocomplete System to market (a proprietary system that puts a firm in the search engine autocomplete suggestions), my wife Anita looked at me and started laughing uncontrollably.

She said it perfectly..”Now THAT’S good legal marketing”.

Matter of fact, it’s GREAT marketing..and, it’s not cheap.

As I developed my Autocomplete System I had some fun as I used some “stealth software” to find out what the big firms are spending on Google Pay Per Click advertising as part of their legal marketing budget. These are the firms that my clients are competing with as they stay in the SEO/PPC box of advertising. My system will allow clients to beat these big guys, all for a few thousand dollars a month.

Check out the numbers on these 7 top firms and let me know what you think…

Remember, these Google PPC budgets are just PART of each firm’s legal marketing budget. (Philips Law Group is spending $3M a year on PPC!) Their TV and billboard advertising budget is typically 100 – 200% of their PPC spend.

Oh, btw – I can get similar information on any company or firm,..let me know if you’d like me to dig anything up for you.

Just email me at info@dynamiclegalconsultants.com Will be happy to help.