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Autocomplete System — Phoenix Market Update:

Dynamic Legal Consultants is going to start marketing their new Legal Search Engine Autocomplete System within the Phoenix area in the next 1-2 weeks. Our Autocomplete System works best in super-competitive practice areas, so the company is focusing their initial marketing in the areas of Personal Injury and Criminal Laws. Both the Personal Injury and Criminal Law practice areas are very competitive in the Phoenix market and we expect our new clients to see very big benefits once they are on-boarded to our Autocomplete System. There are over 7 Phoenix Personal Injury law firms that spend $100,000 – $250,000 a MONTH on Pay Per Click Google ads. These ads are targeted to the Phoenix area and almost guarantee that smaller firms are squeezed out of the Search Engine marketing game.

At a fraction of PPC Advertising costs, our Autocomplete System associates a law firm’s name with a particular keyword phrase. As an example, let’s say that one of our attorney clients, “Joe’s Law Firm”, purchases the keyword phrase “Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix”. When a prospective client types in the keyword phrase “Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix”, the results of our system will bring the keyword phrase “Personal Injury Attorney Phoenix Joe’s Law Firm” into the top Autocomplete results.

Because 70% of the web-browsing public now selects a search result right out of these Autocomplete results, Joe’s Law Firm will now get immediate marketing awareness, and will get a click on the Autocomplete link before the prospect even gets down to the Organic or Pay Per Click attorney listings.

DLC will also start selling it’s Smart Customer Review Software and Website Live Chat Software within the next several weeks. The combination of all three software offerings will certainly create more prospective clients for our attorneys.

We will post another blog entry as soon as we get our system in action and out into the market.

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